About Chidanand

Chidanand’s kirtan is rooted in the bhakti yoga tradition inspired in devotion to his  spiritual teacher  and humanitarian Ammachi. Chidanand has been offering kirtan soundhealings since 2002 and his kirtan expresses the love of the Divine in celebration of our unity.

The mantra music sacred chants, soundscapes cultivate an ecstatic atmosphere building as a wave from the deeply meditative songs to rise in rapturous dance beats, rhythms and progressive bhajans with harmonium, violin, bells and percussion .The vocal mantrascapes of sound healing ultimately lulls us into surrender into the nectar of savasana yoga nidra.To the stillness and peace of mind resting in Divine Heart that we all seek. This womb like space of unity invites call and response so we may all join in this alchemical joyful practice of kirtan or just receive the healing transformation that kirtan awakens. Guided meditation and vortexhealing therapy, is usually part of the journey, culminating our space of love together with prayer, meditation and stillness.

Please feel free to contact info@willthorntonmusic.com for all enquiries.

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