Brighton Kirtan


Next Kirtan

Friday 11th April


joined by Chris Tero on percussion


Jing Massage Institute

28/29 Bond Street

Brighton, BN1 1RD

(low or unwaged by donation)

Brighton Kirtan

Is a monthly Kirtan evening held on the second Friday of each month. It is hosted by one of a team of Kirtan singers, including Narayani, Haripyari and special guests!

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is call-and-response chanting, a form of yoga for the voice done in a group accompanied by music. It requires no background or training, and is easily learnt. Repeating Sanskrit mantras creates a meditative and uplifted mental state, and helps to melt inhibitions that can suppress your voice and expression. You add your voice to those around you, creating a sense of harmony. Some people feel a sense of calm, others a sense of elation- it's a great way to unblock emotions and a sense of being stuck. The words and melodies are simple and repeated so that you can get into a rhythm and enter a more meditative state conducive to letting go. Narayani's kirtans are unique throughout the world for their dynamism, creative use of the ancient mantras, range of sounds, and ability to access so many routes to the calm place within.


Swami Gurusharananda and Swami Mangalananda from Omkareshwar, India will be leading the Kirtan on 9th  August, raising money for their school. They are amazing and not to be missed!

Currently held at Jing Massage Institute 28/29 Bond Street, Brighton, East Sussex

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